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Handicap In-Home Accessories

Before Bedco Mobility sold handicap accessible vehicles, they were an elevator company and in a way they still are. They do this by offering mobility accessories for not only for your vehicle but also for your home. Bedco Mobility takes pride in being “The Total Access Company”,  not only can you get a wheelchair lift for your car, but you can also get one for your home, plus lift chairs, ramps and elevators all for your home.

Lift chair recliners are a great investment for you or the ones you love. Golden Technologies lifts are the top of the line in their field. These chairs are made to help anyone who might be suffering from arthritis, hip problems, knee problems, someone recovering from surgery or for those who need extra help getting up and comfortable in regular furniture.  Incorporated with the finest materials, advanced technology and is assembled with attention to every detail.  Each chair comes with a quick release hand control, adjustable anti-skid/scrape feet for stability and support, plus the widest fabric selection in the industry, sure to match any home.  The lift chairs can come very standard or you can also get ones that have trays, cup holders, extra storage in the arm rests or you can get a chair with a massage and heat system installed.

Do you have stairs in your home and have a loved one who is disabled and not able to use them? Bedco Mobility sells the industry leading manufacturer of residential stairlifts, Stannah.  There are stairlift for any type of stairs indoors and outdoors, like a narrow straight away or even a wide curved staircase. Stannah Stairlifts come in many different styles and colors, so you’re sure to find one that fits you. They will even work during a power outage, so you can move throughout your home in an emergency with ease. Bedco Mobility has highly trained installers, who will fit the stairlift to your stairs and not the wall so it will be a perfect fit; they also test the lift for you to make sure it’s in good working order and show how to use it. Gain your independence in your own home again.

Our technicians are factory certified to provide you the highest quality of installations and our experts can keep your equipment working for years. Our customers are the reasons we are still here after 100 years, because we strive to treat you like an extended member of our family. Our knowledgeable sales staff is here to help get you into the best equipment for your everyday needs.  Bedco Mobility exclusively operates in the Mid-Atlantic Region, this way we can provide you the clients with fast, effective service that you deserve.

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Bedco Mobility Leads the Way by Being a Member of AEMA

Since 1990, there has been an organization that has been meeting the needs of the accessibility equipment manufacturers, distributors and end users, and that organization is AEMA. AEMA also know as Accessibility Equipment Manufacturer’s Association, an organization dedicated to work on your behalf, ensuring that the accessibility equipment industry is accurately and professionally represented to those who specify purchase and use accessibility equipment.  Looking out for and making sure everyone is responsible in the accessibility industry is what AEMA is here for , and in 2005 they amended their bylaws to include any person, firm, or corporation that cares in the interest of the private residence elevator and accessibility equipment industry can join.

AEMA has many visions for the future and has helped to setup and start certain training programs. Like the “CAT” program, also known as the Certified Accessibility and Private Residence Lift Technician, which was introduced by the NAEC (National Association of Elevator Contractors). “CAT” is a 2-year education program that consists of five courses that are broken down into 3 basic parts: Text book workbook, skills verification and online unit exams. At the end of the 2-years, everyone has to have had on-the-job training and pass a final exam, then after that, every year all are required to successfully complete 10 hours of continuing education in order to stay certified.  “To contribute to the development, standardization and proliferation of safety codes and standards that affects the design, installation and use of accessibility equipment”, is one of AEMA many visions for the future of the organization, that’s why AEMA strongly supports continued education like the “CAT” program and many more training programs.

AEMA’s membership spans the entire United States and even some business in Canada, but they are always looking to grow. AEMA is a member driven organization, and has no paid employees. So you know everyone involved really cares about what is happening in the accessibility equipment and elevator industry. One of those companies that care is Bedco Mobility in the Baltimore and Washington D.C. area. Bedco Mobility has been servicing the area since 1912, back then it was known as the Baltimore Elevator Company.  Bedco has been a member of AEMA for awhile and for 2 years now they even have one of their own, Will Cromwell, on the AEMA board. Being a member keeps Bedco Mobility in the loop with all that is going on in the accessibility equipment industry and it helps to keep their products new and always changing.

Bedco Mobility is the leading wheelchair accessible van dealer in Baltimore, and they do that by living by their motto, “The Total Access Company.”  They just don’t sell accessible equipment; they also really care about their customers. They want to be your one-stop-shop for all of your accessible needs, but also they want to give you the best experience ever. Bedco staff understands the difficult circumstances that you could be dealing with so stop by and talk to one of our knowledgeable staff members and let them help  you make the right accessible equipment decision for you.

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Bedco Mobility Offers Recliners, Scooters, and Lifts to Improve Your Home

Bedco Mobility offers all sorts of products for our customers with disabilities who want to enhance their freedom in their own home and on the road. If this sounds like you, you may be interested in our various lift chairs, scooters, and ramps that easily adapt to your home and allow you to get around and stay comfortable without the constant assistance of a caregiver.

Lift chair recliners are a great addition to your home, especially the living room. They provide freedom and comfort to your daily life, especially if you have trouble getting comfortable and getting up from regular furniture. Those with arthritis, hip or knee problems, diabetes, weak shoulders, and swollen legs can benefit the most from these. If you’ve recently had surgery, this is also a great chair for you since it adjusts exactly how you need it and lifts to help you up and out with minimal effort.

Our mobility scooters are a great way to get around inside your home without a wheelchair. Whether you plan on using it to visit friends down the street, shop at the mall, or head out traveling, there is a scooter available in our line to meet your unique needs. We work with top manufacturers to make sure your scooter exceeds your expectations of quality and value.

If you use a scooter, you will definitely want a scooter ramp. Our sturdy scooter ramp provides access to raised areas of your home, porch, or deck, allowing you to easily move from one place to another with ease.

If you’re ready to make some changes around your home to cater to your comfort and unique mobility needs, talk with one of our talented sales specialists to find out what these products can do for you!

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Golden Technology Lift Chairs

Anyone who has ever sat down on a recliner knows the comfort that they offer. Now, thanks to Golden Technology, there are recliners that feature the added bonus of doubling as a lift chair. This means that those with limited mobility can now enjoy the comfort of a recliner, combined with a lift system that can assist them in entering and exiting the chair. Bedco Mobility is proud to offer several varieties of the Golden Technology lift chair.

The first lift chair option Golden Technology offers is the MaxiComfort Series.  Users can easily adjust their chair to accommodate for a variety of lift and recline positions such as TV Watching, Sleep, Zero Gravity and Trendelenburg positions. The best part of this chair is that positioning can be controlled by the push of a button. The MaxiComfort series lives up to its name in providing maximum comfort for users.

Two other chair lift options are the Traditional and Comforter Series Lift Chairs. The traditional is a plush, button-back chair that provides hours of relaxation. The Comforter series comes in ten different size options so it can be customized to the best fit for each individual.

The Signature Series Lift Chair features four models. You can choose from the Regal, which offers open-arm storage; the Winson, an overstuffed model that is perfect for lounging; the Royal, which offers a three-pillow waterfall back; or the Space Saver, which only requires 6 inches from the wall to offer its full recline.

The final lift chair model is the Value Series. The Value comes in either the classic button-back design, or a seam back design. It is an affordable option that provides comfort and accessibility.

For more details on any of the Golden Technology lift chairs, feel free to visit the Bedco website. Bedco is looking forward to hearing from you in the near future!

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Stannah Stairlifts at Bedco Mobility

Stannah Stairlifts, the exclusive supplier of Bedco Mobility, is recognized as the industry-leading manufacturer of residential stairlifts. With options for straight, curved and outdoor stairways, customers can be ensured that Stannah has a lift to meet their needs. Stannah’s commitment to innovation and excellence ensures that each customer will find a lift that will be top of the line for years to come.

Stannah offers three lifts for use on straight stairways. The Sofia is a padded model, which comes with detailed styling in a customer’s choice of leather, woven or vinyl upholstery. The Solus has a contemporary design complete with a lower back and bright colors for a more modern feel. The Saxon model is a slim chair that fits easily in almost all staircases. Each of the Stannah indoor models offer comfort and convenience and are installed by a team of courteous professionals.

Stannah has two models for curving staircases: the Starla and the Sarum. The Starla combines exceptional comfort with easy operation. Its seat reclines slightly to give a sense of added security and the footrest fold-button allows the footrest to be raised and lowered with the push of a button. The Sarum combines all of the features of the Starla with the added ability to navigate even the most complex and curved staircases with ease.

Stannah also offers an outdoor stairlift. The Stannah 320 Outside is designed for use in all weather conditions. It can be customized to any size of staircase to ensure that external steps are navigated with ease.

Bedco Mobility’s full line of Stannah products is essential for navigating any home or residential area. For more detailed information on any of the Stannah lifts, visit the Bedco Mobility website or contact the store today! The staff at Bedco is looking forward to helping you equip your home with the finest Stannah products.

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Bedco Mobility Specializes in In-Home Accessibility

Bedco Mobility is the one-stop-shop for your accessibility needs. Our specialty is home convenience, specifically home mobility products.  Operating out of the Baltimore and Washington areas for the last 100 years, we have seen many technological advances in mobility.  Our goal is to eliminate architectural and transportation barriers and to help disabled person’s achieve the level of independence they want and deserve. Continue reading

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Van Conversions by Bedco Mobility

When you are looking for a full line of the finest wheelchair accessible vans with VMI conversions, look no further than Bedco Mobility. Bedco features the Northstar, Summit and Full-sized van options that will make the hassle of travel a thing of the past. With conversions that combine both safety and efficiency, the van conversions at Bedco can’t be beat.

The Northstar conversion minivan is one of the most popular conversion options offered by VMI.  Thanks to the Northstar’s PowerKneel in-floor ramp, entering and exiting a van becomes a breeze. The Northstar conversion also comes with a remote, which controls the ramp with a single push of a button. Continue reading

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Vertical Platform Lift Options at Bedco Mobility

At Bedco Mobility, we are committed to helping our customers discover a wide variety of products that allow them to enjoy greater mobility. One of the mobility options we offer is Genesis vertical platform lifts from Garaventa Lift. We offer three models of the Genesis, which can be easily installed into your home to help make your life a little more accessible.            Continue reading

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Garventa Platform Lifts Provide Great Accessibility

At Bedco Mobility, we offer all sorts of products that are designed to help our customers with disabilities live a more functional life. One of the most trusted brands in our line of products is Garaventa, a leading provider of vertical platform lifts that are customizable to the needs of each customer in their own home. Continue reading

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Getting Your Home Elevator Through Bedco Mobility

Bedco Mobility is dedicated to offering all sorts of handicap accessible products for both the home and your vehicle, providing our many customers with a better quality of life and peace of mind knowing they have the ability to get around without risking their safety. Elevators are one of the more common investments our customers want to make, but they do not know what is reasonable for the home or what is worth the investment. We are here to make that decision easier with two remarkable elevator options for our customers who use wheelchairs or scooters and live in a multi-level home. Continue reading

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